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Sunday School -- Fall 2022

Sunday School -- Fall 2022

We meet at 9:00am for a variety of Sunday School classes. Our courses are a series of informative, interactive, and challenging classes that are meant to help you in your Christian walk. Promiseland, our children's ministry for Kindergarten through fifth grade, also runs at this time in the Firehouse. 

This session will run from September 18th to November 20th.

Sunday School Classes

Essentials of the Faith

Teachers: Jason Tyrell, Frank Lettko, Rob Miles, & Kyle Gillam
Location: Adults (Sanctuary)

What are the non-negotiable, absolute must-believe, essentials of the Christian faith? This class will use the EFCA statement of faith as our guide to consider our core doctines, where we see them in the Scriptures, and why we consider them to be essential. This class is a great option for those in all stages of their walk with the Lord, and for those who may not yet believe. We pray it is used to strenthen your faith and grow your love for the Lord and the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands

Teachers: Jeff Crispin, Matt Hartel & Joe Crispin 
Location: Church Lower Level

The work of the gospel ministry and care belongs not to a select few, but to the entire body of Christ. This study will help equip us to bring the gospel to bear in our own lives, and also to be active gospel ministers in the lives of others around us. Our growth in goliness and Christ-likeness is a work accomplished by the Holy Spirit, but the Lord often uses His people to cause this to happen. This study will be a blessing to all who want to grow in fruitfulness in their daily ministry. Owning the book is not a necessity for being in the class, but if you would like the book, it is available online or you can see Jeff Crispin to get a copy.

Essentials of the Faith

Teachers: Tim Rue, Jake Stott, & Aaron Holmes
Location: 6th-12th grades (Hope House)

Description same as the adult class. 

 Here is an overview of the classes currently being offered for adults and grades 6th-12th:







       Essential of the Faith


        Jason Tyrell, Frank Lettko, Rob Miles, Kyle Gillam


Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands

Church Lower Level

Jeff Crispin, Matt Hartel, Joe Crispin

Grades 6th-12th        

       Essentials of th Faith

     Hope House

       Tim Rue, Jake Stott, Aaron Holmes




       Promiseland Workers



       Big Red Barn

          Nursery Workers