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The depth of relationships envisioned in the Bible for God's people (survey the various "one another" commandments throughout the New Testament for a taste) presuppose a high level of commitment, vulnerability and trust. This is one reason why we take membership in the local church so seriously.

The church is called "the body of Christ" in the Bible for a reason: we are to be vitally and consciously committed to one another as brothers and sisters in Jesus, promising to share in one another's joys, to bear each others' burdens and sorrows, and to share life together as we seek to grow to maturity in Christ. Our prayer is that membership at Joy Community Fellowship would display to those around us what God’s love looks like. We would love for you to join us. 

To become a Member of Joy Community Fellowship, here's what you'll need to do:

- Be a baptized believer in Jesus Christ

- Attend each of our "Discovering Joy" membership classes, a series of four sessions that meet on Sundays at 9:00am, or occasionally as a four-hour meeting on Saturday morning. Contact a pastor to find out the next time Discovering Joy is being offered.

- Review our church's core documents (Statement of Faith, Elder Affirmation of Faith, Church Covenant and Church Constitution) and fill out a membership application.

- Meet with one of our pastors to share your personal testimony and talk more about what's expected of you as a member of JCF.

- Be recommended to the congregation for membership by the pastors of the church

- Be welcomed into membership by affirmation of the church's members

If you're interested in being a member of the church, talk with one of our pastors. We'll be glad to help you!