Out of respect for the stay-at-home order issued throughout the state of New Jersey, all public gatherings of the church are cancelled until further notice because of the Coronavirus. We are publishing an online liturgy in order for individuals and families to set apart meaningful time to worship the Lord on Sunday morning. 

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Life Groups

One of the main ways we seek to encourage one another in our submission to Jesus is by meeting together in Life Groups. Most groups meet weekly in each other’s homes for fellowship, prayer and to study God’s Word. 

We view Life Groups as a means of allowing the congregation to care for and disciple each other. They are not support or counseling groups or pure study groups. Rather, they are used to cultivate spiritual fellowship together, a fellowship informed by Scripture and pursued through prayer, study, and transparency. They are a sort of "on ramp" to the kind of relational culture that we are praying becomes increasingly normal at Joy.