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Elder Affirmation of Faith

For 18 months, the elders of JCF studied Bible Doctrine, by Wayne Grudem. Our aim in doing this was to strengthen our own theological roots, build unity among our elders, and to form an Elder Affirmation of Faith, to serve the church and its future leaders for years to come. The document will be used to examine prospective elders, and give the rest of the Body an idea of our core doctrinal convictions, in more depth than our statement of faith does. We are excited to have this new document for many reasons, but this statement towards the end of the Elder Affirmation of Faith captures our burden in adopting it:

“Our aim is not to discover how little can be believed, but rather to embrace and teach the whole counsel of God. Our aim is to encourage a hearty adherence to the Bible, the fullness of its truth, and the glory of its Author. We believe Biblical doctrine stabilizes saints in the winds of confusion and strengthens the church in her mission to make disciples of all nations. We believe that the supreme virtue of love is nourished by the strong meat of God-centered doctrine. And we believe that a passion for the glory of God and the good of all peoples is awakened and sustained in an atmosphere of deep and joyful knowledge of God and His wonderful works.”

Click here to read JCF’s Elder Affirmation of Faith.