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What is Joy’s philosophy of worship?

“Worship” is far more than the songs we sing, our gathered prayers, our offering baskets, and the sharing of Communion. Worship includes the opening of God’s holy, living, transforming Word in the form of a sermon, and then worship continues all week long as we privately engage with God and as we live out what we are learning in service to others –both in the church and outside of the church -- for God’s glory alone.

So, Sunday morning is both a culmination of last week’s acts of worship and a springboard into next week’s. What makes Sunday’s gathering unique in the Christian experience is that we praise, honor, and glorify God through Jesus – especially remembering His atoning work on the cross and celebrating His triumphant resurrection from the dead – and we do this together, singing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, both with one another and to one another (Colossians 3:16).

What is a worship service like at Joy?

Obviously music is an important part of the worship service. When one is inquiring about a new church, “What musical style do you use in your service?” is among the very first questions that are asked. Our musical style could be described as contemporary, because a majority of the songs that we sing are more recent compositions and because we use more of a contemporary, band-type instrumental accompaniment, as opposed to an organ. We also love to sing old hymns in today’s musical style, because those beloved hymns from centuries ago represent an important part of the history of the Church’s worship through the ages, and are also filled with rich doctrinal content. Most importantly, the songs that we sing are Christ-centered, not man-centered or feelings-based.

Our services run 90 minutes in length and typically include worship through song, announcements, collection of offering, and a sermon which maintains the very truths of the gospel of Christ. We celebrate Communion together once monthly, usually on the first Sunday.

If you are interested in serving on one of our worship teams, we'd love to sit down and talk with you.  We are always open and looking for people that God has gifted to serve Christ's body!  To get and idea of what the process of becoming a worship team member looks like, please see the Worship Team Member Process document which will walk you through step by step what needs to be done in order to become an active member of a worship team.  If you decide to pursue serving in this way, you'll need to review our Worship Team Member Criteria and Guidelines page . After reading that, please fill out the application (click here), print it out and complete it.  Then give it to one of our worship leaders.  

To apply to serve on our Tech Team or as a EZ Worship Operator please see the Tech Team Member Process  document or EZ Worship Operator Process document respectively to gain an understanding of what is entailed in becoming an active Tech Team member of EZ Worship operator.  Once you have reveiwed this document, please see the Tech Team Criteria and Guidelines or the EZ Worship Criteria and Guidelines.  Click here to download and print the application.  After you've completed it, you can return it to any of our worship leaders.  

After applying and going through the steps needed to become a member of one of our teams, we will also ask that you consider and sign the following Ministry Member Commitment Contract.