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Upcoming Sermons: September-December 2022

We provide a list of upcoming sermons with the titles and texts of messages to be preached over a four-month span. By giving this information ahead of time, we encourage thoughtful engagement with the text prior to hearing the sermon. In this way, we hope people will better grasp the Word that speaks with authority and grace to all who will hear it.



Sermons by Date 

December 24: … To Be Light- John 12:46
December 25: … To Give Abundant Life- John 10:10
January 1: Encourage One Another in 2023- 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Sermons by Series

O Church, Arise
Beginning a Series of Sermons on the Book of Acts
Series Preachers: Jason Tyrell (9/11-10/2) & Larry Lazarus (10/9-11/20)

Sept 18: Ascending to Send- Acts 1:1-11
Sept 25: Upper Room Preparation- Acts 1:12-26
Oct 2: Tongues of Fire- Acts 2:1-13
Oct 9: Peter’s Pentecost Sermon- Acts 2:14-41
Oct 23: Devoted to the Apostles’ Teaching- Acts 2:42
Oct 30: Devoted to the Fellowship- Acts 2:42
Nov 6: Devoted to the Breaking of Bread- Acts 2:42
Nov 13: Devoted to the Prayers- Acts 2:42
Nov 20: Awesome Generosity- Acts 2:43-45
Nov 27: Worship and Witness- Acts 2:46-47

He Came…
A Series of Sermons on the Incarnation of Christ

TBD: … To Fulfill the Law- Matthew 5:17
Preacher: Jason Tyrell
TBD: … To Seek and Save the Lost- Luke 19:10
Preacher: Jason Tyrell
Dec 11: … To Bring a Sword- Matthew 10:34
Preacher: Larry Lazarus
Dec 18: … To Serve and Give His Life- Matthew 20:28
Preacher: Frank Lettko  
Dec 24: … To Be Light- John 12:46
Preacher: Larry Lazarus
Dec 25: … To Give Abundant life- John 10:10
Preacher: Jeff Crispin

Stand Alone Sermons

Sept 4: Life in the Spirit- Galatians 5:25
Preacher: Larry Lazarus
Oct 16: Holiness and God’s Leaders- Leviticus 21-22
Preacher: Ben King
Jan 1: Encourage One Another in 2023- 1 Thessalonians 5:11
Preacher: Larry Lazarus