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Sunday School Spring-Summer 2023

We meet at 9:00am for a variety of Sunday School classes. Our courses are a series of informative, interactive, and challenging classes that are meant to help you in your Christian walk. Promiseland, our children's ministry for Kindergarten through fifth grade, also runs at this time in the Firehouse. 

This session will run from April 23rd to June 18th. 

Sunday School Classes

The Gospel

Teachers: Jake Stott, Aaron Winthers, Aaron Holmes, Dave Pyle
Location: 6th-12th (Hope House)

The apostle Paul said it is the message of first importance, yet far too often we presume it or ignore it in our studies. What is the gospel? In this class, students will consider the various aspects of the gospel message, along with the gospel's call on our lives. This class will help those still investigating the faith, and those who want to be better equipped to share their hope with others!

Hard Sayings of Scripture

Teachers: Frank Lettko, Kyle Gillam, Rob Miles, Sam Gaston, Jason Tyrell
Location: Adults (Sanctuary)

Every believer in Christ is called to be an ambassador, God making His appeal through us to a lost and dying world. We have good news to share, real hope and peace with God through Jesus Christ! However, evangelism is often a challenge for many of us. This class will aim to remind us of the Lord's role in our evangelism, the true hope we are sharing when we share the gospel, and some practical wisdom in sharing in all spheres of our lives. 


 Here is an overview of the classes currently being offered for adults and grades 6th-12th:










Hard Sayings of Scripture




Frank Lettko, Kyle Gillam, Sam Gaston, Rob Miles, Jason Tyrell

Grades 6th-12th        

The Gospel


Hope House


Jake Stott, Aaron Winthers, Aaron Holmes, Dave Pyle






Promiseland Workers




Big Red Barn


Nursery Workers