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Sunday School -- Next session begins January 12th

Approximately 30 Sundays per year, we meet at 9:00am for a variety of Sunday School classes. Our courses are a series of informative, interactive, and challenging classes that are meant to help you in your Christian walk. Promiseland, our children's ministry for Kindergarten through fifth grade, also runs at this time in the Firehouse. Childcare is also provided from birth to Pre-K. 

Here is an overview of the classes most recently offered for adults and grades 6th-12th:

Romans - An Inductive Study
Jason Tyrell (Sanctuary)

The book of Romans is a treasure chest filled with deep theological truth, gospel proclamation, and practical guidance for everyday living. In this multi-semester class, we plan to study together through the book of Romans. We will explore key themes and follow the thought progression of the book, and in the process we hope to sharpen our own Bible study skills. We will look at small sections of the book each week and consider how to observe, interpret, and apply the truths we find.

Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
Stan Bockmann, Ben King & Larry Lazarus (Church Basement)

What does it mean to be a man? What does it mean to be a woman? Do men and women play different roles in their relationships? Some today say those are the wrong questions; that we live in a new era where who you are is determined by you alone. Whether single or married, young or old, these are important issues. The Bible speaks to these issues, and in this 11-week class we want to listen to what Scripture says about God’s good design in creating us male and female in His image.

Discovering Joy* (Membership Class)
Larry Lazarus (Hope House – Non Kitchen Side)

Discovering Joy is designed for those who are new to Joy and those interested in pursuing membership, to provide an overview of the life, ministry and beliefs of JCF. These 4 classes are part of our membership process, although attending them in no way obligates you to join. It is our hope and prayer that you will find these classes helpful, encouraging, and challenging as you consider what a great privilege and responsibility it is to be a Christian united to a body of fellow believers. 

*This is a four week class that runs from 9/15-10/6

Unseen Realities (Grades 6th -12th)
Jeff Crispin & Joe Crispin (Hope House – Kitchen Side)

Biblical instruction and discussions on heaven, hell, angels and demons.