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Short-term Missions Application

Joy Community Fellowship

309 Florence Ave, Pitman, NJ  08071



Trip for which you are applying ________________________________________      

Date(s) on which you filled out this application _____________________



City______________________________  State___________ Zip______________

Date of Birth_____________________

Preferred phone #  ___________________________________________

 Email address(es)__________________________________________________

Describe your present occupation:


Do you have a current passport? Yes_______    No__________

Why do you want to be part of this short-term mission team?







Please explain your salvation experience in Jesus Christ.  (use other side if needed)









How long have you been attending Joy?_________________________________

Are you baptized?  If yes, when and where?  If not, why not?





Describe your devotional times.  How do you make them spiritually valuable?

(ex, current areas of Scripture study, devotional resources, frequency, prayer, etc.)









What relationships do you currently have with fellow believers which you would describe as spiritually intentional (i.e., other people who help you and challenge you to become more like Christ)?









When was the last time that you verbally shared your faith with an unbeliever?






Do you know what your spiritual gifts are?  If so, what do you believe they are?



In what ministries have you been served at Joy (past and present)?  State your role and time period.







Do you speak any foreign languages?


Do you have any physical, mental, or health factors that you fear might hinder your effectiveness on this trip?





Have you been on other mission trips before?  (State when, where, with whom, and what you did)










What talents/skills do you possess that may be of particular help on this trip?